Logo Archive

Brad Williams Logo

Several months back I was chatting with my friend Brad Williams on Twitter when a logo idea hit me—which was weird because we weren’t initially talking about logos. Brad is an incredibly talented guitar player and a man with a greater fascination for the beauty of all-things-guitar than me. So logically my logo idea was based on the guitar shape. I had this idea that Brad’s initials lent themselves perfectly to the guitar shape.

I sent my initial drawing to Brad and he seemed to like where I was going. Brad also mentioned that he’d always wanted his own logo that featured a crown—a particular style of crown too. I was up for that challenge as long as I could make the crown a six pointed crown. That tied in nicely to the standard six machine heads on a guitar.

After that, the logo almost designed itself. All I had to do was make sure the logo worked as a single colour design as well as a full colour option incorporating the colours Brad liked most in his logo. I’m really happy with how this one turned out. It has been great to design once again.

GuitarStar TV logo

I reached out to my friend James Dean on Twitter, as I knew a while back he was looking for a logo for his video guitar lessons persona online. James is a very talented and giving guitarist who has been giving away instructional videos as people request them. Make sure you check out GuitarStar TV if you’re interested in all-things guitar.

The logo I made comes in two varieties. One that is more square in overall shape and a more landscape version. Both use the same design elements for consistency.

Evangelos Koudonas logo

I’ve been following Evangelos Koudonas on Twitter and Soundcloud for a few years now and am a huge fan of his guitar playing. We were talking about CD design recently and I asked him if he’d ever considered a logo or brand for his music. After a very short conversation, I had an idea. That idea resulted in this logo design for Evangelos.

The logo incorporates his initials into the shape of an electric guitar. But not just any guitar. The basic shape for the logo is based on one of Evangelos’ favourite guitars. Brian May’s Red Special. If all goes well, we’ll see this logo on a new CD one day soon.

Tone Chasers logo

I offered to work on the Tone Chasers logo for a friend on Twitter. The logo is for a guitar gear related website that is currently under development. The concept was to create something that combined the tone chasing concept with the elements of guitar-related tone itself. This was achieved by using the valve/tube design element with the running man (electricity) overlaid.

The logo was created with a stacked and horizontal variation allowing for increased use across multiple media.

Dialtone Pickups business card

I applied the revised Dialtone Pickups logo to this business card design which will be used at the Namm Show in 2015. The business card incorporates the company’s new tagline Go from sounding good to great (as well as the logo) on the front of the card with the business contact details on the back of the card. The font used in the company logo is used to highlight the business card owner and the company URL on the back of the business card.

Dialtone Pickups logo

My involvement in the creation of the current Dialtone Pickups logo has been minimal to be honest (the core components were already in place). Having said that, I did work with the Dialtone Pickups team to tweak their existing logo to get the placement of elements just as they wanted them. The font was changed as well to one that better suited the brand.

From a pure graphic design perspective, the brand now has a logo file that can be used on any platform and in any colour.

SPOT logo

While designing for Mater Health Services, I created the logo for the Student Placement Online Tool (SPOT). The logo needed to have an element that indicated the business was online (the hyperlink referenced underling of the word Online) while also referencing the acronym SPOT (the stylised letter O in the word SPOT).

Redlands Clinic logo

While designing for Mater Health Services I created the Redlands Clinic logo. The logo needed to represent the medical aspect of the business while still appearing community oriented. The use of the colour red ties in with both of those requirements as does the logo’s font pairing.

Through My Lenses logo

Through My Lenses is a website dedicated to my photography. Specifically, it is guitar related photography as seen through my lenses. The logo needed to graphically explain that it was photographical in nature and not purely visual. Hence the stylised letter o.