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Evangelos Koudonas logo

I’ve been following Evangelos Koudonas on Twitter and Soundcloud for a few years now and am a huge fan of his guitar playing. We were talking about CD design recently and I asked him if he’d ever considered a logo or brand for his music. After a very short conversation, I had an idea. That idea resulted in this logo design for Evangelos.

The logo incorporates his initials into the shape of an electric guitar. But not just any guitar. The basic shape for the logo is based on one of Evangelos’ favourite guitars. Brian May’s Red Special. If all goes well, we’ll see this logo on a new CD one day soon.

Dialtone Pickups T-shirt design

The Dialtone Pickups team were looking for a simple, single colour T-shirt design that not only used their logo, bud did so in a way that let people know what their company was about. What better way to let people know you create awesome guitar pickups than by putting your logo in a guitar (right where a pickup would go).

47 Guitars logo

Prior to dedicating my Scarebear website to my guitar fascination I started a small website called 47 Guitars. The aim was to post weekly guitar related articles for 47 weeks straight. I later decided to incorporate that concept into the main Scarebear website instead. The logo for 47 Guitars needed to represent the guitar subject matter which was achieved by using the plectrum shape.