Dialtone Pickups Archive

Dialtone Pickups business card

I applied the revised Dialtone Pickups logo to this business card design which will be used at the Namm Show in 2015. The business card incorporates the company’s new tagline Go from sounding good to great (as well as the logo) on the front of the card with the business contact details on the back of the card. The font used in the company logo is used to highlight the business card owner and the company URL on the back of the business card.

Dialtone Pickups T-shirt design

The Dialtone Pickups team were looking for a simple, single colour T-shirt design that not only used their logo, bud did so in a way that let people know what their company was about. What better way to let people know you create awesome guitar pickups than by putting your logo in a guitar (right where a pickup would go).

Dialtone Pickups logo

My involvement in the creation of the current Dialtone Pickups logo has been minimal to be honest (the core components were already in place). Having said that, I did work with the Dialtone Pickups team to tweak their existing logo to get the placement of elements just as they wanted them. The font was changed as well to one that better suited the brand.

From a pure graphic design perspective, the brand now has a logo file that can be used on any platform and in any colour.