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Brad Williams Logo

Several months back I was chatting with my friend Brad Williams on Twitter when a logo idea hit me—which was weird because we weren’t initially talking about logos. Brad is an incredibly talented guitar player and a man with a greater fascination for the beauty of all-things-guitar than me. So logically my logo idea was based on the guitar shape. I had this idea that Brad’s initials lent themselves perfectly to the guitar shape.

I sent my initial drawing to Brad and he seemed to like where I was going. Brad also mentioned that he’d always wanted his own logo that featured a crown—a particular style of crown too. I was up for that challenge as long as I could make the crown a six pointed crown. That tied in nicely to the standard six machine heads on a guitar.

After that, the logo almost designed itself. All I had to do was make sure the logo worked as a single colour design as well as a full colour option incorporating the colours Brad liked most in his logo. I’m really happy with how this one turned out. It has been great to design once again.