My name is Jason Brown. It has been since my parents decided that would be my name. I’ve grown into it, but often wanted to change it. That may be because I like to consider myself a somewhat creative person. That creativity is the reason we’re here today. Yes. I am here with you. In spirit only though. Not in person (so don’t bother looking over your shoulder). That would be creepy and weird.

Inkreadable is a small collection of design work I’ve been lucky enough to have worked on. There is some logo design, CD design and stationery design to be seen here. There’s more, but it’s all mine. And it’s all inkreadable. But what does that mean?!

Inkreadable is a poor attempt at a homonym. It’s a poor attempt because it’s not a real word. Because this is my own website and I make my owns rules, it’s allowed. So, with that out of the way, the intended meanings of inkreadable are:

  • Readable in ink
  • Incredible

My definition of readable in ink is very flexible. Essentially everything you see on this page is ink-readable. Print any page* from your browser and the design you print will be ink-readable. My definition of incredible is also somewhat flexible. Obviously I’m proud to have created everything on display here, but that doesn’t make it incredible to everybody. That’s OK.

There you go. That’s what this website is all about.

* Please don’t print any web pages here unless you really need to. The trees will thank you for your restraint.